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An Alternative to Whining About Dem Failures

By now you’ve probably heard one version or another of the whine of the disappointed Democrat, which goes something like “Obama hasn’t done everything I wanted, so I’m gonna teach him a lesson – I ‘m not gonna vote.” But there is an alternative for progressive grown-ups who feel some disappointment, but don’t think turning everything over to Republicans is such a great idea. It’s about working to create a more progressive congress that can move the “center” leftward, as Chris Bowers, Campaign Director for Daily Kos, explains in an e-blast to progressive Dems:

…Two Blue Dog Democrats–aka, corporate Democrats–were defeated for re-election in Democratic primaries last week….This is huge: if Democrats who frequently side with Republicans and Wall Street keep losing primaries, then all Democrats in Congress will be motivated to more effectively stand up against Republicans and Wall Street.
On June 5 in New Mexico, we have a chance to hand the Blue Dogs another loss.
In the Democratic primary for Congress in New Mexico’s first congressional district, two of the three major candidates are outspoken progressive Eric Griego and conservative, anti-labor Marty Chavez. Making sure that Griego wins and Chavez loses will keep the anti-Blue Dog momentum going, and be an important step toward building a better Democratic Party.
Please, contribute $5 to Eric Griego, and help build a better Democratic Party.
Griego is in a strong position. Because of national grassroots support, he is ahead of Chavez in fundraising. Back in March, Griego won the local Democratic Party’s preprimary nominating convention, leading analysts to start calling him the frontrunner. Griego is running an extremely well-organized voter turnout campaign, and will hit the airwaves with ads this week.
This is a moment where a small donation will make a big difference. Not only will it go to a smart campaign that uses money effectively, and not only will it go to a candidate who has been endorsed by both co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but it will play a strategic role in a larger movement that has a real shot to build a better Democratic Party.
Please, contribute $5 to Eric Griego.
Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

Beats the hell out of grumbling, staying at home and letting Republicans take over all three branches of government.

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