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Political Strategy for a Permanent Democratic Majority

Obama’s recent State of the Union speech can provide a solution to progressives’ most difficult dilemma in the 2012 election – how to combine legitimate criticism of Obama with active, passionate opposition to Republican extremism.

by James Vega
As progressives face the 2012 elections, they find themselves struggling with a profoundly difficult dilemma.
On the one hand, progressives clearly recognize the extraordinary danger presented by Republican extremism. The possibility of additional conservatives being added to the supreme court is, by itself, more than sufficient reason to conclude that the GOP must not be allowed to win in 2012 but there are equally serious threats to the survival of the New Deal social safety net, to basic worker and citizen rights and, for millions of Americans, to the continued right to vote itself. Both opinion data and progressive commentary show that only a very small fraction of 2008 Democratic voters are willing to sit out the 2012 election or support a Nader-style third party.
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