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‘Good Government’ Republicans AWOL

The New York Times editorial “Where Are the Good-Government Republicans?” commends Sen. John McCain for his comment that the Citizens United decision is “naïve and politically ignorant,”” and will probably produce “a huge scandal” before long. The editorial has a worthy challenge for Sen. McCain:

Democrats in Congress are pushing for disclosure, but, so far, there isn’t a Republican co-sponsor in sight. A measure from Senate Democrats would require timely disclosure by self-proclaimed independent groups that spend $10,000 or more on election ads, including the names of their major donors and a personal “I approved this ad” tag on television by the group’s chief executive. The group would have to certify that it is not “coordinating” with the candidate it obviously champions — an attempt to plug the rampant abuse of campaign law by “super PACs” and other hypocritical spenders. Democrats in the House have a similar worthy measure.
Republicans once identified with good government have an opportunity right now to reach across the aisle — before that scandal breaks. Senator McCain?

Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask…for a real maverick.

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