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Dems, Watch Out: Right-wing “Covert Ops” Thugs Want to Discredit You

Sam Stein reports at HuffPo on evidence of new sleazoid right-wing sting operations cropping up. Stein explains a recent scam to entrap the Economic Policy Institute:

…When EPI’s President Lawrence Mishel was targeted last week in what appeared to be a conservative media sting operation, led by infamous saboteur James O’Keefe, it was a point of pride. The 25-year-old non-profit think tank officially has enough gravitas to be vilified.
“I’m honored to be the subject of their attention,” Mishel told The Huffington Post. “When we get attacked by the Wall Street Journal editorial page, I tell my people, ‘Be proud.’ I never got listed by Glenn Beck. I felt left out because I feel like I’m an important person on the left.”
While it remains uncertain whether or not EPI has become the subject of one of O’Keefe’s undercover investigations — the list of past subjects includes ACORN, CNN, National Public Radio, Occupy Wall Street, and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) — several signs suggest that he targeted the think tank.

In another recent incident, Stein reports that Policy Matters Ohio was targeted for a phony bribe to see if they would twist data in a study for payment by a hedge-fund manager, who was supposedly affiliated with the Ohio Education Association. They gave a phony email address with the domain name “ohioedassoc.org,” which has nothing to do with the Ohio Education Association. Stein adds:

So who runs ohioedassoc.org? The website, according to online records, is registered to Shane Cory, the Acting Executive Director of Project Veritas. Reached by phone, Cory noted that he owns “hundreds” of domain names. Later he confirmed that this particular one was indeed owned by Project Veritas. “From there,” he added, “I really don’t know what’s going on.”

Project Veritas was started by James O’Keefe, according to Stein. Wonder where they get the money for all those domain names.
The moral blind spot of the right-wing scamsters who earn their keep on trickery and deceit is kind of pathetic. Even more regrettable, however, is the reluctance of mainstream conservatives to denounce their actions.

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