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TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira: Public Wants Tax Cuts for Middle Class, Not Rich

Conservatives hoping to steamroller renewed tax cuts for the rich through congress have an uphill struggle to convince the public that it’s a good idea, explains TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira in his latest ‘Public Opinion Snapshot’:

The Obama administration has proposed letting the Bush tax cuts expire for those making over $250,000 but extending them for those making under that amount. Conservatives in Congress are up in arms about this since keeping the tax cuts for the rich is practically a sacred cause in their eyes.
A sacred cause it may be, but a popular cause it is not. New data from a CBS News/New York Times poll clearly show that the public views tax cuts for the rich and tax cuts for the middle class very differently and no one should be fooled by conservatives’ attempts to conflate them.
Start with letting the tax cuts expire for the rich. The poll simply asked whether such a move is a good idea or a bad idea. By 53-38, the public said this is a good idea.

Letting tax cuts expire for the middle class, however, is an overwhelmingly unpopular idea, as indicated by the 74-19 percent margin among poll respondents. As Teixeira said, “The public’s view is therefore clear, simple, and diametrically opposed to the conservatives…Time for our policymakers to listen up and move forward.”

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