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GQR Survey: Strong Support for Campaign Finance Reform

Democrats should be encouraged by a new survey conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research in conjunction with McKinnon Media for Common Cause, Change Congress and the Public Campaign Action Fund entitled “Strong Campaign Finance Reform: Good Policy, Good Politics.” According to the Executive Summary, The survey, which was conducted 2/2-4, 2010 found that, among 2010 LV’s:

Voters, particularly independents, strongly embrace the Fair Elections Now Act, a system that allows candidates who eschew contributions over 100 dollars to receive public matching funds for money they raise from individuals in their own state. Voters support the Fair Elections Now Act by a two-to-one margin (62 to 31 percent). Perhaps more important for congressional incumbents, support for the Fair Elections Now Act offers a significant political boost. By a net of 15 points, voters say they are more likely to support the re-election of their Member of Congress (asked by name) if he or she votes in favor of a reform package that includes the Fair Elections Now Act as well as limits on spending by foreign corporations, even after hearing messaging in opposition to the proposal.

As authors Stan Greenberg, Andrew Baumann, Jesse Contario conclude, the study indicates that the likely voters of 2010 are “staunchly opposed to anything that makes it easier for special interests to influence the outcome of elections.” This could be a winning issue for Dems looking toward the November elections. For more detail, read the Memo here and the PDF Questionairre here.

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