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‘G.O.P. = Gridlock, Obstruction & Paralysis’ Meme Gets Legs

Well, OK, it’s not like major traction. But J.P. Green’s post title “G.O.P. = Gridlock, Obstruction & Paralysis” did win a coveted Upper Left BlogspotAcronym of the Day” designation, which gives us enough of an excuse to re-post the equation. Green’s post title did get some other play, including fleeting mentions in a couple dozen web pages, including WSJ and USAToday search pages. The larger point is “gridlock,” “obstruction” and “paralysis” are three words that are being mentioned with increasing frequency in the same sentence with “G.O.P,” along with phrases like “The Party of No” and “The Party of Obstruction.” Worthy designations all. If anyone has a more apt short description for what the Republican Party of the 21st century stands for, we welcome your suggestions.

One comment on “‘G.O.P. = Gridlock, Obstruction & Paralysis’ Meme Gets Legs

  1. David Illig on

    Actually, focusing on the equation GOP = Gridlock,Obstruction, & Paralysis and the Party of No provide plenty of opportunities to address the true motives of the GOP et al! These memes have some traction — lets work them further.
    Developing more phrases may run the risk of diluting any serious, forward looking messaging effort.
    Nonetheless, any phrase that clearly identifies GOP motives and allows Dems to set themselves off from the GOP is worth consideration.


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