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TDS Commenters: the log-in problem is solved

The Typekey log-on service for commenting – now called typepad – has changed. As in the past you have to give them permission to share your e-mail address (Hey, believe us, we don’t like it one bit either) but now even long-time TDS commenters have to go back one more time to the “account” they set up when they first registered with typepad and click an appropriate box (Hey. we don’t like this new idiotic nuisance either). The only good thing is you only have to do it once.
Here’s what you do:
1. Go to www.typepad.com
2. Enter your typekey email address and password in the two boxes in the upper right hand corner
3. On the page that opens, click on “account” in the upper right corner
4. Check the box that says “Share your e-mail address”
5. Click the button at the bottom that says “save changes”
We sincerely apologize to our readers and commenters for this nonsense. We know it’s a stupid annoyance, and we are examining alternatives, but right now, with our limited resources, it’s the only way we can block spam and trolls.

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