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Dems Roll GOP in FL Voter Registration Race

MyDD‘s Jonathan Singer has a very encouraging report on the boffo voter registration numbers Dems are racking up in mega-swing state Florida:

Considering how toxic the political environment supposedly is for the Democrats, it might come as a surprise to find that in the key swing state of Florida — which hosts an open seat Senate election this year — new Democratic voter registration is outpacing new Republican voter registration by 43 percent.

Singer reports that 144,368 new Dems were added to the Sunshine state registration rolls in 2009, vs. a comparatively limp 101,025 for the GOP. (141,621 registered as Independents). He quotes from a recent memo from the FL Democratic Party:

Over the course of 2009, Floridians continued to join the Democratic Party in record numbers, ending the year with Democrats having a nearly 800,000 person voter registration advantage…As Democrats continued to out register Republicans every month since the 2008 election, this voter registration gap will continue to be a major advantage for Florida Democrats in 2010 and beyond.

Great news, given Florida’s pivotal influence in the electoral vote outcome — and possibly for Democratic prospects for a Senate seat pick-up in November.

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