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CNN/ORC Poll: 56 Percent Favor House Health Bill Or More Liberal Version

Following up on Ed’s post on the Ipsos-McClatchey poll below, Jonathan Chait’s “More Polling On Health Care Reform’s Popularity” at The New Republic, flags Mark Blumenthal’s analysis of a new CNN/ORC poll. As Blumenthal explains:

Immediately after their favor-or-oppose question about the recently passed health reform bill, CNN’s pollsters asked a new follow-up question that others have not. They found that while a third of all adults (34 percent) say they oppose the bill because “its approach toward health care is too liberal,” 10 percent oppose it because it is “not liberal enough.”

With 46 percent supporting the House health care reform bill, that 10 percent means 56 percent of Americans now “favor either the House-passed version of health care reform or something further to the left,” according to Texas Tech professor Alan Reifman, quoted in Chait’s post. Hopefully the Senate ‘Group of Ten’ now negotiating a consensus is paying attention.

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