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TDS Co-Editor Teixeira: Obama Popularity Still High

TDS Co-Editor Ruy Teixeira’s latest ‘Public Opinion Snapshot’ at the Center for American Progress website provides a timely indication of just how marginal are the Obama-haters the conservatives are trying to claim are a majority. Teixeira cites a new Pew Research Center poll, conducted 9/10-15 and explains:

…The public’s view of Obama remains, in fact, very favorable across a wide range of characteristics. The conservatives’ extreme views on Obama are just that—extreme—and should in no way be confused with the American people’s views…In the Pew poll, 83 percent describe Obama as a good communicator, 78 percent describe him as warm and friendly, 70 percent describe him as well informed, 69 percent describe him as well organized, 68 percent describe him as “someone who cares about people like me,” 65 percent say he is a strong leader, 64 percent say he is trustworthy, and 58 percent say he is able to get things done.

Teixeira also notes that Obama has impressive credibility as an innovator, according to the Pew poll, which found that “the public says by 63-30 that Obama brings a “new approach to politics in Washington” rather than “business as usual.” Teixeira concludes that it’s no surprise that “conservatives are confusing their own benighted views with those of the general public.”

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