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Teixeira: Obama, Plans Draw Broad Support

In his latest “Public Opinion Snapshot” at the Center for American Progress web pages, Ruy Teixeira has good news for President Obama and his agenda:

There’s no doubt about it: President Barack Obama is quite popular with the American public. As a recent report from Gallup notes: “Nearly all major demographic categories of Americans are pleased with his job performance.” As just one example of this broad support, Obama receives 76 percent approval among those in households with less than $24,000 in income, 62 percent approval in households from $24,000 to $59,999, 57 percent approval in households from $60,000 to $89,999 and 61 percent approval in household with over $90,000 in income.

Teixeira goes on to note that a new NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll finds high approval ratings for a range of the President’s policies addressing education, diplomacy, health insurance and energy.

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