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Bill Scher’s Blog for our Future post features a link-rich discussion on “Are Blue Dogs helping or Hurting EFCA?”
CQPolitics Poll-Tracker flags a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll, conducted 2/17-18, indicating that “Voters say by 66 percent to 28 percent that Obama had tried to reach out to Republicans and be bipartisan about the package, and they say 60 percent to 33 percent that the Republicans have not sincerely tried to act in a bipartisan way.”
Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball takes an updated look at the ’10 Senate races and concludes that “so far the Republicans appear to have very limited opportunities to pick up Democratic seats.” Hotline On Call‘s Jennifer Skalka focuses on the Senate race in MO, and reports on Robin Carnahan’s chances for taking the seat for Dems, due to a contentious GOP field.
Alexander Zaitchik’s Alternet post “5 Great Progressive Moves by Obama That You Might Have Missed” discusses Obama’s action on behalf of high speed rail, broad band expansion, reforming the Faith-Based Intitiative, a more sensible drug abuse policy and arms control — not too shabby for month one.
Susan Davis of the Wall St. Journal takes a look at the pros and cons of President Obama’s first month and provides an opportunity for readers to give Obama a letter grade. Somewhat surprisingly, 35+ percent of WSJ readers give him an “A”, a higher percentage than any other grade. But Dems gotta like the comment following the post by GreyK: “Out of the wreckage of the previous administration we see a group of thoughtful dedicated people trying to get the country back on track. Me likey.”
Sam Quinones, L.A. Times ace reporter on Mexico and related U.S. immigrations issues, has a frightening report in the latest issue of Foreign Policy on the expanding drug war south of the Rio Grande, now spilling over into U.S. border states, a development which could have a potent efect on U.S. immigration policy — and the growth of a key pro-Democratic party constituency.
Pollster.com concludes a week-long series on TDS co-editor Stan Greenberg’s new book “Dispatches from the War Room,” with a contribution from Greenberg.
Chris Bowers makes the case at OpenLeft that “legalizing marijuana is more popular than the Republican Party, most leading Republicans, and virtually the entire Republican platform..”

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