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EFCA’s Enemies, Missed Opportunities, Dubious Polling…

TDS Co-Editor William Galston has a post up on The New Republic’s The Plank, “Making the Most of Crisis,” calling attention to missed oportunities for needed reforms in the spending proposals of the stimulus package.
Roland S. Martin explains why “Focus on first 100 days is absurd” in his CNNPolitics commentary. Dissent magazine, on the other hand, has a septet of progressive academic writers offering their advice in a “The First 100 Days” round-up.
In the ‘know thy adversary’ department, Sam Stein has a juicy HuffPo expose (via Truthout) of an anti-EFCA conference call organized by Bank of America and lead by Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, who reportedly likens EFCA to “the demise of a civilization” and uses some pretty extreme language in urging action against EFCA and even corporate leaders who don’t make it’s defeat a top priority.
Andy Sulllivan has a Reuters UK update on how “Obama Hopes to Keep Campaign Supporters Involved,” through a new organization “Organizing for America,” which will make use of the Obama campaign’s 13 million email adresses list to help enact needed reforms.
Poll analysts and armchair poll-watchers will get some chuckles from David Moore’s Pollster.com wrap up “George Bishop’s and David Moore’s Top 10 ‘Dubious Polling’ Awards.”
Brendan Nyhan takes issue with Nate Silver’s recent post on Obama’s political capital, discussed in J.P. Green’s Tuesday TDS post; Nyhan makes the case that “Obama may have a honeymoon in presidential approval, but he doesn’t have a mandate.”

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