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Michael Tomasky, editor of Guardian America, has a provocative New York Review of Books article, “How Historic a Victory?,” synthesizing lessons from TDS co-editor Ruy Teixeira’s Red, Blue, and Purple America: The Future of Election Demographics and Larry M. Bartels’ Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age
Lots of anger among progressives about Pastor Rick Warren, a prosperity gospel, anti-choice opponent of Gay marriage, being selected for the Inaugural invocation. But one of America’s most fiery social gospel preachers, the Rev. Joseph Lowery, a supporter of same-sex marriage, will get the last word when he delivers his benediction, and dmac’s Firedoglake report puts it in perspective.
Eli Saslow’s WaPo article “Helping to Write History” offers a peek at Obama’s speechwriter Jon Favreau and his team of scribes as they prepare to craft the most important speech of their careers.
Will America’s 20-50 million pot-smokers (US government estimates) get any legal relief during the Obama Administration? Scott Thill has an Alternet riff on the possibility, with a focus on the role of Secretary of Commerce nominee Bill Richardson, an advocate of decriminalization.
Media Matters spanks Politico for complaining about Democrats’ “dynasty politics,” while ignoring Republican Lisa Murkowski’s appointment to the U.S. Senate by her father, Governor Frank Murkowski.
Hotline‘s Jennifer Skalka has a succinct wrap-up on the just-released study of voter turnout in the ’08 election by American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate, noting “sizeable gains in every region of the nation” for the Democratic Party.

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