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Polls Say Obama Wins 3rd Debate

In the CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll undecideds chose Obama by a margin of 53 percent to 22 percent, with 25 percent for a draw.
Independents preferred Obama 60 percent to 30 percent in the Media Curves poll.
The CNN/Opinion Research poill of “debate-watchers” gave the win to Obama by a margin of 58 percent to 31 percent. Among Independent debate-watchers, the margin favored Obama 57-31.
Democracy Corps ‘dial and focus groups’ survey of 50 undecided Denver voters said Obama won the 3rd debate by a 50 to 24 percent margin. After the debate 42 percent of the respondents said they would support Obama, compared to 20 percent who supported McCain.
A majority of the 23 uncommitted Arlington, VA voters in Frank Luntz’s Fox News focus group said Obama won the debate, while zero chose McCain.

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