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Polls Say Obama Won 2nd Presidential Debate

The CBSNews/Knowledge Networks poll of uncommitted voters taken right after the debate gave 40 percent to Obama, with 26 percent for McCain and 34 percent undecided.
The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll of “debate-watchers” had 54 percent saying that Obama “did the best job” in the debate, with 30 percent for McCain.
In a SurveyUSA poll, California debate-watchers give it to Obama more than 2 to 1 (56 percent Obama, 26 percent McCain, 18 percent ‘no clear winner).
Democracy Corps dial-testing of 50 undecided voters gave Obama 38 percent, with 30 percent for McCain, and 42 percent saying they would vote for Obama if the election were held today, compared with 26 percent for McCain.
A Media Curves poll of 1004 respondents found Obama the winner by a margin of 52-34, with 14 ‘don’t know.’

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