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Two Polls: Debate Must Go On

CQPolitics Poll Tracker reports on two new polls, by The Marist Institute and SurveyUSA indicating a strong majority of Americans want tommorrow’s debate to continue on sked. First, from the CQPolitics wrap up of the Marist Poll, conducted 9/22-23, with 5 percent m.o.e:

Voters say by a 53 percent to 42 percent margin that Friday’s presidential debate should go on as planned despite John McCain’s call to cancel it while the nation deals with its financial crisis, according to a Marist Institute poll conducted yesterday…Democrats favor pushing on 80 percent to 15 percent, Republicans side with McCain 76 percent to 21 percent and independents want the debate to proceed by 53 percent to 40 percent.
…Twenty-eight percent of voters say the face-offs will help them make up their minds, while 71 percent said they had already decided their choice. For undecided voters, 87 percent are counting on the debates to help them choose and the same is true for 38 percent of independents.

The SurveyUSA poll, conducted 9/24-25 found:

Three of four Americans say the Friday debate should be held on Friday…Twenty-three percent say the debate should be postponed, up from 10 percent yesterday Wednesday.

The Marist Poll also found that 48 percent of RV’s want the candidates to “talk about economic issues, given the ongoing economic turmoil, as opposed to foreign policy which is the topic of the first debate.” The Poll also indicated that 48 percent expect Obama to win compared to 37 percent for McCain.

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