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A quick addendum to our two earlier posts today: Hotline‘s got the Obama campaign’s 30-second ad rebutting the McCain-Palin “Original Mavericks” ad.

3 comments on “Schmavericks

  1. ThinkingGuy on

    This ad gets closer to what we need to be doing. It;s not nearly mean enough, but it at least goes somewhere.
    Attacking McCain’s judgement will not work…it was his masterstroke that gained him 11 points in the polls ine ONE week. Kind of hard to whine and cry about his poor judgement in picking Palin, when the whole nation has fallen in love with her, and handed the election to himon a silver platter because of it.
    Time to get nasty for once.

  2. democraticwing on

    The “Lie” ad. Finally! Pound this one, day after day. The Rovies are always patient, relentless. This will work, but it’ll take time. It should be a national ad.

  3. Paul S on

    Attacking the Maverick image is OK BUT it keeps the focus too much on PERSONALITY and not the issues.THE REAL ISSUE is McCain’s FAILURE OF JUDGMENT in his willingness to place an UNQUALIFIED person one heartbeat from the presidency. McCain has replaced “America First” with “Politics First”. THIS ENDANGERS AMERICA’S SECURITY, AMERICA’S ECONOMY, AMERICA’S FUTURE. If the Obama campaign fails to attack McCain on his FAILED JUDGMENT the focus will stay on personalties and the Dems chance of making real change a reality will be lost. Focus on his FAILED JUDGMENT and the big issues fall into place.


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