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Hump Day Linkage: The Palin Appointment

As Dems grapple with defining an effective strategy for addressing the Palin veep nomination, the dossier is filling up fast. In addition to James Vega’s TDS article on messaging The Palin appointment and Ed Kilgore’s analysis yesterday, some of the better recent articles include:
Jason Leopold of Consortiumnews.com has a good update on “troopergate.” See also Robert Parry’s Alternet post “Sarah Palin’s Trouble With the Police.” And Jim Carlton reports in the Wall St. Journal that “Democratic Sen. Hollis French, who is overseeing the legislative probe expected to end by Halloween, said he is concerned the governor may try to delay his inquiry past the November election by trying to move the jurisdiction to the personnel board.”
William Yardley’s disturbing portrait of Palin as book-banning ideologue during her stint as a small town mayor, leads on the front page in today’s New York Times.
Also in the Grey Lady, Kate Zernike and Kim Severson have an article about Palin’s hubby, Todd Palin, a.k.a. “The First Dude,” which discusses his role in ‘troopergate’ and describes his ‘pet cause’ as “vocational education and encouraging young Alaskans to get stable jobs in the oil and gas industry.” The authors also note that he was employee of BP during Gov. Palin’s advocacy of the pipeline.
NYT‘s The Caucus also reports that Palin, though not a “member” of the secessionist Alaska Independence Party, “attended the party’s 1994 and 2006 conventions and provided a video-taped address as governor to the 2008 convention.” TPMMuckraker‘s Kate Klonick reports that “the director of Division of Elections in Alaska, Gail Fenumiai, told TPMmuckraker that Todd Palin registered in October 1995 to the Alaska Independence Party, a radical group that advocates for Alaskan secession from the United States.”
John Dolan’s Alternet post, “Sarah Palin’s Big, Sleazy Safari” documents the GOP veep nominee’s assault on the environment for the benefit of favored industries.
Dogemperor at Daily Kos takes an in-depth look at Palin’s theocratic influences as a ‘stealth dominionist.’
Alternet‘s Isaac Fitzgerald and Tana Ganeva report on Palin’s line-item veto of “a transitional home for teen moms in Alaska.”
In his HuffPo Post, “Country First? Nevermind,” Robert Borosage explains how McCain’s Palin appointment reveals his politically-driven abandonment of the first duty of a President — to select an experienced and capable Vice President. And former Bush speechwriter David Frum questions McCain’s judgement, saying “the destiny of the free world would be placed in the hands of a woman who until recently was a small-town mayor.”
Reporting on the new Rasmussen poll on Palin, Slate‘s Jim Ledbetter says “Still, I find it staggering that two out of three women say Palin is unqualified to be president, and that more women say the choice of Palin makes them LESS likely to vote for McCain, while more men say it makes them MORE likely..”

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