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Debate Takes: Polls, Focus Groups Give Edge to Obama

Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefeld of TPM ElectionCentral have early poll numbers from CNN and CBS polls, both of which indicate a big win for Obama.’ (CNN wrap-up here)
Brian Montopoli reports that a CBS News and Knowledge Networks poll of 500 uncommitted voters indicates that 39 percent said Obama won the debate, with 24 percent favoring McCain and 37 seeing a tie. In addition, 46 percent of uncommitted voters say their opinion of Obama improved, compared to 32 for McCain.
On ongoing poll of Wall St. Journal readers (over 55,000 thus far) has Obama ahead by 53 to 38 percent as we go to press.
Amy Sullivan of Time’s ‘Swampland’ has a report on Stan Greenberg’s focus group of 45 undecided voters, 38 percent of whom said Obama won the debate, with 27 percent giving the advantage to McCain and 36% saying that neither candidate had a clear win.
Daily Kos has a video clip on Frank Luntz’s focus group of Nevada undecideds, who gave Obama a 27-17 edge.
Looking ahead, Palin goes into Thursday’s debate with lowered expectations, as a result of the Couric and Gibson interviews. Conservatives are very worried, and National Review columnist Kathleen Parker has called on her to step down. Another conservative writer, The American Spectator‘s Phillip Klein, says “Palin is not ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

3 comments on “Debate Takes: Polls, Focus Groups Give Edge to Obama

  1. ThinkingGuy on

    I don’t know though. Al Gore was impatient, huffy, and perceived as looking down at W. Same as alot of people saw McCain. I don’t think voters like to see testiness in a debate.

  2. ducdebrabant on

    Shallow thinkers they may be, but if these undecideds plan to vote eventually, I’d love to know how they’re voting. As a waystation to that, their reaction to the debate interests me. Besides, deep or shallow, I pretty much know that the committed McCain voters will think McCain won and the committed Obama voters will think it was Obama. How the debate — just the debate — impacted on people who are neither is interesting. I thought Obama won hands down, but Gore and Kerry won their debates, and we see who’s in the White House.

  3. warren on

    I have to laugh about these polls of uncommitted voters. Talk about meaningless. If someone can’t make a decision between Obama and McCain, why the hell would I care how they react to a debate? These people must be such shallow thinkers that all they react to is theatrics and style, not principle or anything of substance.


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