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Panel Considers States in Play, Veep Choices

Thomas F. Schaller hosts a Salon roundtable today on “The swing states of 2008.” His guests include pollster Paul Maslin (Dean’s ’04, Richardson ’08), Andres Ramirez, v. p. for Hispanic Programs and director of the Hispanic Strategy Center at NDN; and conservative blogger Ross Douthat, sr. editor at The Atlantic. Their discusssion is largely speculative and the panel is wary of taking early horse-race polls too seriously. But their insights about registration trends in the SW, the candidates’ age difference in PA, the effect of the Democratic Party’s decision on MI delegates, the benefit to McCain from picking Crist or Condi and other topics are informative. One of the things they seem to agree on is that NM is the state most likely to flip to Blue, with NH the best candidate to flip red. But they see VA, IA, PA, MI and FL as very much in play and have a couple of surprises that may be up for grabs.

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