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Day One, Week One: McCain Campaign, GOP Open Weak

Bad news for the GOP seems to be the common denominator as the one-on-one race for the white house opens today. Some examples:
Apparently John McCain hasn’t made much headway since he clinched the GOP nomination, at least in the Buckeye state. L.A. Times reporter Peter Walsten writes on the inept McCain campaign in Ohio.
Ditto in S.C., says MyDD‘s Jonathan Singer.
Jim Turner of TCPalm reports voters are bailing from the GOP on FL’s ‘Treasure Coast.’
The Southern Political Report‘s Hastings Wyman’s “The rise and fall of the Virginia GOP” reports on the “precipitous decline” of the “once-GOP stronghold into the Democratic column.”
Paul Rosenberg’s Open Left post “The Making of A Landslide–A Progress Report” sees huge Dem gains in party i.d., based on the latest Rasmussen polling data.
And Rosenberg flags a DCORPS study indicating significant Democratic inroads in 45 GOP-held districts.
Obama is taking his campaign into the belly of the GOP beast, report Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny in The New York Times.
GOP luminary Bill Kristol, says the McCain campaign “dog-paddles along.”.
Evangelicals are also unimpressed by the McCain campaign, reports Robert Novak.
And The Politico‘s Jonathan Martin catches “straight-talk express” McCain on a whopper.

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