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NYRB on Webb’s Book, Veep Prospects

Elizabeth Drew, ace critic for the New York Review of Books, gives Senator Jim Webb’s new book “A Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just America” a strong thumbs up. Drew is clearly impressed with Webb’s character, as well as his writing skills, and her review may add a little volume to the Webb for Veep buzz. Drew notes Webb’s controversial statements regarding women in the military and his defense of the Vietnam War as “strategically necessary,” two positions that are problematic for some liberal Democrats. (For more on Webbs veep prospects, feminist concerns about Webb and his book, see Ed Kilgore’s TDS post on Webb in the veepstakes here).
Drew nonetheless offers perceptive insights into the strengths Webb would bring to the Democratic ticket and says “…Webb offers a fresh approach to politics and stirs an excitement that would provide the ticket with more pizzazz than would some of the more conventional figures whose names are in play.” And, as Drew points out, the publication of Webb’s political manifesto does seem exceptionally well-timed.

One comment on “NYRB on Webb’s Book, Veep Prospects

  1. PW on

    I was disconcerted by Webb after listening to an hour-long interview with him on NPR about a week ago. He came across as narrow and arrogant. I look forward to reading Drew’s piece and perhaps rethinking that impression.


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