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Friday Round-Up: Political Ad Wars Take Shape

The political ad war between Obama and McCain is well underway, and Shane D’Aprile of Campaigns & Elections emag Politics has a report and preview.
Check out “I’m Voting Republican,” a funny reverse psychology ad now gathering buzz.
Slate‘s David Roth has an interesting video report on the “Spot Runner” political ad phenomenon, which provides decent-looking video for internet ad clips for local candidates — for less than $500.
Another cheap, but clever ad technique — this one in the form of Republican robocalls (via ‘Freedomwatch’) blaming three dozen Dem congressmen for high gas prices (Talk about nerve). Dems should respond with robocalls nailing even more Republicans for opposing tougher CAFE standards.
The Grey Lady and WaPo obits of political ad pioneer Tony Schwartz include insightful nuggets of ad strategy and tips for making compelling TV ads.
You may know a lot of people who put more face time in front of their PC than their TV’s — 42 percent of Americans now say they get political information from the internet. Yet eMarketer reports that this year only 2 percent of political ad expenditures will go online, compared to an estimated 50 to 80 percent for television. This despite 87 million voters using the internet.
Last and best, today the Obama campaign is releasing a 60 second TV ad in 18 ‘battleground’ states, and you get to see it right here and now, courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Political Insider.

One comment on “Friday Round-Up: Political Ad Wars Take Shape

  1. ducdebrabant on

    I love the “I’m Voting Republican” ad. I wish it were a little slicker in the acting, though.
    I’m not sure we want to respond to robocalls with more robocalls. They may be cheap, but they’re also annoying.


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