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SC Polls, Black Women Clout, Latino Tilt, Dem Turnout Edge, McCain’s Mess

We lead with a quartet of posts with special relevance to SC today: First, for those who have been wondering about the SC poll numbers, Mark Blumenthal has “South Carolina: Why So Much Variation?” in his Pollster.com post
Adele M. Stan’s “Can Black Women Save the Liberal Coalition?” mulls over the new leverage African American women have in the primaries in The American Prospect. See also Amy Alexander’s post in The Nation, “Black Women Talk Barack” and Elizabeth G. Hines’s Alternet piece “What Black Women’s Votes Mean for the Presidential Race.”
The Clinton campaign is doing a lot of things right, chief among them is the way they have worked the Hispanic vote. The Politico’s Gebe Martinez “Clinton’s Hispanic Edge” may be the best article yet written about the Latino vote at this juncture in the ’08 campaign.
Time magazine’s Rani Molla probes the factors driving “The Democrats Turnout Triumph” in the primaries, and wonders if the pattern will hold in the general election.
Lest we forget, GOP front-runner John McCain has a messy track record, and The Daily Kos‘s Smintheus has the skinny in his article “McCain still lying after all these years.”

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