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DCCC Ads Bare GOP Hypocrisy on SCHIP

MyDD’s Todd Beeton reports on the DCCC’s impressive radio ads and robo calls nailing 8 House Republican incumbents for voting No on SCHIP expansion. Most of the ads link their votes against SCHIP expansion to the House members hypocritical vote in favor of their generous health care plan for themselves, an issue which resonates strongly with many voters. For example, this one against FL-24’s GOP Rep. Tom Feeney:

Did you know Congressman Feeney gets health care at taxpayers’ expense, but Feeney and Bush are blocking health care for 10 million uninsured children? Tell Tom Feeney to put families first

A clever way to bring combined focus on two unpopular Republican votes. For more on the ad campaign, check the DCCC article on the ads here. See also Ted Kennedy’s post at HuffPo noting that taxpayers cover 72 percent of health care premiums for members of congress and the President.

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