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Big Week for Dems’ ’08 Senate Hopes

They must be doing the Happy Dance over at the DSCC, with the Hagel retirement announcement added to those of Sens. Warner and (likely) Craig. With the right candidates, Dems should be able to win at least 2 out of 3 of these seats.
MyDD‘s Senate2008guru has the latest run-down on some key races, with lotsa links providing more information. Charles Babington of the Associated Press also has a good wrap-up of the ’08 Senate campaign’s latest scuttlebut and points out that investigations of Republican Sens. Stevens and Domenici are underway. Babington adds:

Meanwhile, anti-war sentiment is giving Democrats serious hopes of denying re-election to Republican senators in competitive states including New Hampshire, Maine, Minnesota and Oregon.

Paul Bedard of U.S. News reports that former Governor Jean Shaheen is leading John Sununu in NH by more than 25 points in recent polls. DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer conceeds that a lot can happen in the 14 months ahead. For now, however, the ’08 Senate race big picture is beginning to look very sweet indeed.

One comment on “Big Week for Dems’ ’08 Senate Hopes

  1. michaelrbn on

    Why does everybody keep forgetting Colorado? Wayne Allard is also getting out while the getting is good, and Udall is the favorite, last time I heard.
    With NH, NE, and Va, that’s 4 new seats right there, and MN, ME, and OR are potential gains as well if 08 is as bad for the Repubs as 06 was.


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