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Mother Jones is featuring a host of articles and interviews of interest to political strategists, particularly netroots and Politics 2.0 freaks.

They’ve got Howard Dean on leveraging the internet. Here’s one of his interesting insights on how the netroots confound Republicans:

The people who are going to disappear are the people who think you can manipulate public opinion. That’s why the Republicans are falling on their face right now. Because their own MO is to manipulate public opinion by rephrasing things in delicate ways and not be truthful about what’s really going on. It’s going to be almost impossible to make public statements that are not true and not have it eaten apart in 24 hours.

The current issue is also featuring Joe Trippi on the latest tools:

It’s going to be a YouTube campaign…Look at the “1984” spot—4 million Americans have already watched it. I guarantee you 4 million Americans have not watched any of the paid ads yet. I actually think that the biggest innovation is not from the campaign but from individual supporters out there that are doing really unique things using tools like YouTube.

MoJo also has: Advertising Age columnist Bob Garfield on the future of the attack ad; then there’s Jimmy Wales crowing about the power potential of “wikis”; Afro-Netizen founder Chris Rabb on using the net to reach Black voters; and Columbia J-School Dean Nicholas Lemann defining “open source” politics. There’s more on net-related topics, lots more, and nearly all of it is free, courtesy of MoJo.

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