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GOP Implodes on All Fronts

If only the ’08 election could be held tommorow. As Jo-Ann Mort notes in her TPM Cafe’s Coffee House post:

Just a quick look at the Washington Post homepage says it all — three stories, one after another: the Libby convictions, the growing scandal at Walter Reed (and VA hospitals across the country), the juicy tidbits about the political maneuvering to force out federal prosecutors across the country, and of course, the endless and tragic war in Iraq.

Not to pile on, but to this we can add record lows in Bush’s approval ratings, dozens of Vermont towns passing impeachment resolutions and Eric at Pollster.com reports that the GOP’s top Senate target Mary Landrieu is up 15 points in a head-to-head match-up with Louisiana Sec’y of State Jay Dardenne. Also, Kos reports that John Edwards has decided not to take part in the Fox News Debate, and it would be a great demonstration of Democratic solidarity if Senator Clinton and other candidates would join Edwards and Obama in this boycott. And will the last self-respecting Gay or Lesbian person leaving the GOP please turn out the lights?
Want some icing on the cake? Savor Ed Kilgore’s eloquent explanation why the GOP can kiss goodbye any hope of getting votes from Democratic centrists:

For all the talk of the “Bush-hating Left” in the Democratic Party, it’s us “centrists” who really have reason to loathe the Bush-Cheney administration and its conservative allies with a special intensity. They’ve ruined everything they’ve touched, including some previously “liberal” causes like democracy-promotion, open trade, education reform, and market-based approaches to solving public problems. They’ve made the very concept of bipartisanship suspect. And they’ve deliberately, aggressively, consciously poisoned the ground of the political center.

It’s hard to see how any of this could improve much for the Republicans, and it’s easy to see it getting a lot worse. Heady days for Donkeys, and it appears that the outlines of an ’08 landslide are taking shape.

5 comments on “GOP Implodes on All Fronts

  1. Chris Brudy on

    The sad thing is that they will steal elections until we get back to paper ballots publically hand counted, on site, in the precinct, immediately after the polls close.
    If we can’t wake up and demand the above, then there is no reason for them to listen to anyone. They will do whatever they want.
    We will see President Jeb Bush elected in 2008, unless we vote on paper ballots counted by hand.

  2. Hugh McGuire on

    It is a very long time before the next Presidential Election. I think it is premature to announce the mortality of anyone or any organization. One should never underestimate the power of bigotry. It has a way of uniting a people’s attention and focus, as well as a feeling of camaraderie. I suspect that the Republicans have not yet even begun to fight.

  3. BarbNDC on

    Eight Federal Prosecutors fired! The real questions is not “why were eight fired!” but rather, does only eight being fired (for having integrity and refusing to allow Rove’s politics to taint their work), mean that the other 85 allowed Rove’s nasty politics to affect their work. It is likely that the firing of the eight was supposed to send a message to the 85 that they had better stay in line, so the real question becomes, what are we Dems going to do to innoculate ourselves from the evil venom of the 85?


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