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Rising Environmental Concerns Boost Dems

A major new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll addressing global warming and other environmental concerns brings more bad news for Republicans. The poll, conducted 7/28 to 8/1 in the midst of a nation-wide heat wave, indicates that Dems have a strong advantage on the entire range of environmental issues. For example, when asked which party “does a better job in Congress when it comes to handling environmental issues, the Democrats of Republicans?,” 50 percent favored Dems, with only 22 percent chosing the GOP. The poll also showed heightened concerns about global warming, with 73 percent of respondents agreeing that is is “a serious problem,” compared to two-thirds back in 2001. The poll addressed a broad range of major environmental issues, and none of the statistics favor the GOP. The issue is a huge winner for Dems.

2 comments on “Rising Environmental Concerns Boost Dems

  1. Susan Hagius on

    If there is any one issue that could bring the center of the nation into the Dem fold, it is the environment. NOBODY wants to swelter, drown, get buried in snow, or do without water. Even the wealthiest corporate supporters of relaxing environmental controls are made up of individuals who don’t want to suffer the future that is predicted. It ought to be enough that protecting the environment is the right thing to do. But if not, then Democrats should do it out of pure self-interest.

  2. earl on

    The question is; what will the Dems do with us? As to be expected given the current state of world affairs, the environment doesn’t appear to be high on the Dems agenda. That’s unfortunate because raising the profile of environmental issues and articulating them in a manner that resonates with other memes (culture of corruption, do-nothing-Congress, core values, national security/energy dependence, new industries/technoligies & jobs, and health care)to paint a much broader picture of the need for change could be a winning strategy. Simply adding the environment as an item on a checklist and giving it lip-service with a single sentence isn’t going to be effective.


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