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AARP Poll On Privatizing SS: NO!

An AARP opinion poll released on 1/24 indicates that a strong majority of Americans are opposed to President Bush’s proposal to privatize Social Security. The poll, conducted 12/6-23 by Roper Public Affairs for the AARP, revealed that 83 percent favored strengthening Social Security, rather than replacing it, and 60 percent believed that private accounts would hurt Social Security. Three out of five respondents would “strengthen social security with as few changes as possible.”
When informed that the white house proposal would not guarantee against reduced benefits and could pass on an additional $1 trillion in debt to the next generation to pay current obligations, an anemic 17 percent of respondents supported privatization. When informed about “all of the consequences to diverting payroll taxes to fund private accounts,” including an end to pre-retirement withdrawalls, support tumbled to 5 percent.
The poll found that 66 percent of respondents over the age of 30 favored keeping Social Security “as is.” Despite concerns about the viability of Social Security, 62 percent of the so-called “Gen X-ers” (ages 30-39), frequently identified as a key constituency for President Bush’s privatization scheme, agreed.

2 comments on “AARP Poll On Privatizing SS: NO!

  1. Brain on

    Could it be that Americans are smart enough to finaly put the brakes on this mad man and stop him from lying to them/duping them yet again? I will believe it when I see it. Bush is ruthless he will stop at nothing roll up your sleeves thinking people.

  2. Ricardo on

    Bush will try hard to make this a generational wedge issue. His speaches will be directed to younger groups. The younger generation will need education about what Bush wants and why. They need to be reminded about what private investment did to the country in 1929, which is exactly what social security was designed to prevent.


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