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DLC Gurus Propose ‘Heartland Strategy’ to ‘Get the Red Out’

Democratic Leadership Council bigwigs Al From and Bruce Reed have an article in today’s Wall St. Journal, “Get the Red Out,” that rolls out a couple of fresh ideas for a Democratic resurgence. Along with their more predictable proposals and pot shots at Michael Moore and Joe Trippi, From and Reed propose a “Heartland Project,” which would include “family policies that give parents more time to raise their kids right,” a provocative idea that merits further exploration. They also advocate a new message strategy that gives more emphasis to the Democrats’ outsider status, as they “take up the reform mantle” and become “the party of change, protecting our principles, not our programs.” All Democrats may not be able to unite behind the DLC’s positions on Iraq policy, same-sex marriage and other issues, but Reed and From are thinking creatively about the Party’s future, and their ideas merit thoughtful consideration.

3 comments on “DLC Gurus Propose ‘Heartland Strategy’ to ‘Get the Red Out’

  1. Fred on

    Wrong DemDude. Please go check out Josh Marshall, Atrios and Kos. Let the DLC join the Republican Party where they belong. I know you think that since we only got 49% of the vote we can’t possibly win without them, but the Republicans won because not enough Independents and Swing voters went our way THIS TIME. They decided to stay the course mostly because we’re at war. Four more years of what we all know are politics of disaster will bring those Indies our way NEXT TIME (maybe even in ’06). We almost beat a sitting President in a time of War. That’s remarkable. The corporate owned SCLM keeps pushing the moral values “mandate” that currently sits at 50.62% according to Mr. Teixeira’s post from above, and people like you are buying it. Stop it. I’m with Kos – I’m a Reform Democrat leaning hard left and don’t want to do business with the DLC any longer.

  2. DemDude on

    Pounder – That attitude is as misguided as the DLC/CDM bashing of liberal Democrats. Like it or not, they are a sizable portion of the Democratic base. We have to find ways to work together, or we will suffer even greater losses. We need a bigger tent, not a smaller one. Conservative and liberal Democrats have got to stop the sniping at each other.

  3. Pounder on

    there is nothing the DLC can offer that I am interested in. We have done it their way and lost, and then lsot soem more. they simply want to preserve whats left of their failed organization.
    Real reforms are not going to come from these guys.


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