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American Prospect’s RX For Dems

The current online edition of The American Prospect includes required reading for wonks, pundits and Democrats concerned about preparing for the ’06 and ’08 elections. A quartet of articles “Facing Up: The Democrats Must Confront What Ails Them,” by Garance Franke-Ruta, Sarah Wildman, Sarah Blustain and Matthew Yglesias, offers insightful diagnoses and cures for Democratic political myopia with respect to middle class priorities, abortion, foreign policy and same-sex marriage.
TAP’s current issue also includes perceptive articles on strategy and a range of issues bearing on the Party’s future health by Alan Brinkley, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Lizabeth Cohen, James Mann, Rick Perlstein, Anna Greenberg, Robert Kuttner, Harold Meyerson, Robert B. Reich, Jeff Faux, Robert Borosage and others.

One comment on “American Prospect’s RX For Dems

  1. jared bailey on

    Dear EDM,
    Is there any research available about the voting habits of the science community? I hear all the time how the Republicans make statements about the falsehood of global warming and the need to teach creationism. You would think that the science community would be an expanding bloc in which Democrats could make gains. Is that accurate? Thank you for your informative site.


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