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Final Harris Poll Points to Kerry Victory

John Kerry leads George Bush 50-47 percent of nation-wide LV’s, according to the final Harris Interactive Online Survey, conducted 10/29-11/1. Kerry also leads Bush 48-47 percent of nation-wide LV’s, according to the final Harris Interactive Telephone Survey. Both poills indicate a surge for Kerry over the previous Harris Poll. The Harris report on the poll notes “If this trend is real, then Kerry may actually do better than these numbers suggest. In the past, presidential challengers tend to do better against an incumbent President among the undecided voters during the last three days of the elections, and that appears to be the case here. The reason: undecided voters are more often voters who dislike the President but do not know the challenger well enough to make a decision. When they decide, they frequently split 2:1 to 4:1 for the challenger.”
The Harris Poll in three key states also affirmed the strong likelihood of a Kerry victory:
Florida – Kerry leads 51-47 percent of LV’s
Pennsylvania – Kerry ahead 50-48 percent of LV’s
Ohio – Kerry up 51-47 percent of LV’s
As the Harris report concluded, “Assuming the forecast is correct, Kerry is likely to win all three large states, and almost certainly the White House along with it.”

3 comments on “Final Harris Poll Points to Kerry Victory

  1. dchrist on

    actually, santi, cheney spent a lot of time recently campaigning in Hawaii, of all places.
    Is there actually reason to suspect HI would be close? Is he trying to lend support to a downticket race? Is there a Republican pocket or core of activists that they are hoping to identify or mobilize? Is there a referrendum to push?

  2. Kerrywillwin on

    Santi: Not to answer for Ruy but the early exit poling usually tends to favor Republicans. This is more true of the 4pm numbers than the 2. But it is also increasingly unreliable to pick a winner with a higher percentage of early voting. So that Kerry is ahead is a good sign. But it’s no guarantee. Keep up the GOTV. Pour it on!!!!

  3. santi on

    It is about one o’clock pacific time and buzzflash.com seems to have some early exit poll numbers that favor Kerry. I wonder if Ruy might post a comment on the reliability of early exit polling. Drudgereport seems to be downplaying the early exits as unreliable, claiming that gore was ahead in certain states in early exit polling that he actually lost. But I’ve also read that early exit polling tends to favor republicans and that democrats tend to vote later in the day. If so, then Kerry’s lead in the exit polls will only grow as the day progresses. There seems to be a hint of a buzz that Kerry might run the table tonight, but I’d hate to get too hopeful and then find the night shift dramatically toward President Bush. Lastly, did you notice that Dick Cheney in the last day or two of the election stayed out of the swing states? His negatives must be so high that Republican strategists decided to keep him around Wyoming for the remainder of the campaign.


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