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SurveyUSA Poll: Kerry Leads in MI, Trails in IA and CO

Kerry leads Bush 51-44 percent of MI LV’s. Bush leads LV’s in IA 51-45 percent and CO 52-45 percent, according to SurveyUSA Polls conducted 10/18-20.

One comment on “SurveyUSA Poll: Kerry Leads in MI, Trails in IA and CO

  1. Wilbur on

    I have said this before and I will say it again. Polls in Iowa mean less than they do in any other state. Iowa’s culture for some reason makes the state incredibly susceptible to organization (actually people know the reason and it has to do with an agrarian history, populist roots, etc, etc.). The campaign with the best organization always wins and people rarely in even change their votes over long periods of time, so identifying people and getting them to the polls is beyond crucial. The Des Moisnes Register always tells you which organization is better and they are almost never wrong. Follow the Register not the polls


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