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New ARG Polls: Kerry Ahead in OR, WI, Lags in IA

Results of American Research Groups Polls of LV’s conducted 10/25-27:
Oregon – Kerry leads 50-46 percent
Wisconsin – Kerry ahead 48-47 percent
Iowa – Bush leads 48-47 percent

3 comments on “New ARG Polls: Kerry Ahead in OR, WI, Lags in IA

  1. Elrod on

    Thanks “No one”. I was a bit concerned about the SUSA poll but I have doubts about SUSA generally. They had Kerry up by 3 in California in August – with 28% support for blacks – so I knew they were sketchy.

  2. No one U know... on

    katu/hibbits did a poll and they have kerry up 49-43. hibbits is the best pollster in oregon and extremely fair. he had it at 67-33 for multnomah county last week which is where portland is located. that’s too big of a gap for bush in oregon.

  3. mike on

    Any ‘good’ news for Colorado? And what about the proposal (Amendment 36) to split their electoral votes along popular vote percentage lines?


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