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Advocates of Government Action to Reduce Inequality Prefer Kerry

Those who believe inequality is a “serious problem” in America prefer John Kerry over George Bush 57.3 percent to 23.7 percent of respondents, according to a Campbell Institute on Citizenship and Inequality Poll conducted 10/9-19. Those who want government to do more to reduce inequality prefer Kerry over Bush 49.6 percent to 32.6 percent.

3 comments on “Advocates of Government Action to Reduce Inequality Prefer Kerry

  1. PWestre on

    I personally think Faux, MSNBC and CNN will all up with egg on their faces Nov 3.
    I was particularly concerned about NBC airing part of the wolves commercial within the context of a news story this morning. It was at the end of the story and the Kerry spokesperson was given almost no rebuttal time. They have shown their bias and it is time to call the peacock network and its cable affiliates on their behaviors.
    I think that intelligent people see the attempted media manipulation by the talking heads. (Chris Mathews and Wolf Blitzer both have engaged in less than objective coverage of this election.) We need to help people see the brazen cynicism and manipulation for what it represents.

  2. tim kaastad on

    following a previous thread about chris matthews…during the mid week he called the elction for bush…
    in last nights program….in the context of interviewing stratigists from both sides who basically call it a draw in both national and battlestate polls..mathews sublty and sliently retracted his earlier prediction.
    i do not think the talking heads actually do their own research and come to thoughtful, rationale conclusions.
    in other words their opinions are meaningless.

  3. MazeDancer on

    Both the Republican and Democratic strategist on Paula Zahn on CNN last night called Wisconsin and Minnesota the key.
    They gave a nod to Iowa and Ohio. And the NY Times lead story this morning about the Rove ’50’s retro poll monitors shows the tactics planned there. Over 70% of ballots in Ohio are actually chad-style punch card.
    But Ohio has early voting. And provisional ballots. And a week to get outraged. And no Jeb.
    So Wisconsin is still the big cheese.


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