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Single Women: Put Domestic Concerns First

Unmarried women RV’s in 12 of the 16 swing states say Jobs and the economy, affordable health care and education are more urgent priorities than the situation in Iraq and believe that John Kerry does a better job of addressing these issues, according to a survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for Women’s Voices conducted 9/8-19.

3 comments on “Single Women: Put Domestic Concerns First

  1. Sara on

    Security Moms and Single Females are not exactly the same demographic with the same political concerns.
    I suspect the moving catagory, Security Moms who used to be Soccer Moms means 25 – 40 year old married women who have opted out of the workforce during the years they have pre school children at home, and may work only part time during the remainder of their children’s K-12 years at home. These are women who put raising children at the center of their life, and can make that choice because other resources are available for economic security. (Perhaps they are married for instance.)
    Single Women may or may not have dependent children to support, and they may be professionals who are well educated, but they can also be undereducated blue or pink collar workers. What does not define them specifically is a functional relationship to a family as the central focus of their life and identity. They may, for instance, be rubbed the wrong way by the term “Family Values” or other such references, particularly if it is used to “frame a political policy.”
    If you remember in 2000 in one of the Gore-Bush debates, someone stumped both of them with a question about getting the short end of the stick vis a vis government benefits as a single woman. That’s the cohort of concern here.

  2. gene on

    I am not too worried about this supposed demographic — “security moms” strikes me as yet another silly buzzword without a whole lot of basis in reality.

  3. CTD on

    I wish these so-called “ecurity moms” would realize that their children have a bigger chance of dying in an SUV roolover than in a terrorist attack. I guess rsationality is too much to ask.


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