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Kerry Up by 8 in Washington State Poll

John Kerry leads George Bush 49-41 among Washington State RV’s, with 2 percent for Nader and 8 percent unsure, according to a poll conducted Sept. 17-20 by Ipsos-Public Affairs for The Columbian.

7 comments on “Kerry Up by 8 in Washington State Poll

  1. wonkie on

    I live in Washington and I would be absolutely flabbergasted if Bush even came close here. We are a strongly Democratic state. The only real race will be for governor.

  2. tony on

    The race2004.net list shows Bush having a narrow lead a couple times in June and earlier, but we’re talking something like 30 polls in a row favoring Kerry.

  3. thecreature on

    Charlie, I also have never seen a Bush lead in Michigan (or Maine either for that matter) and I’ve even heard that Bush was thinking of siphoning money off PA to fund OH more.

  4. tony on

    race2004.net shows no poll with Bush leading in Washington, though one in which they were tied, back in June. But there are several polls that have showed it close.
    Still, agreed that it would be good to see more of Colorado, Arizona (where Kerry was ahead in July), and Maine.

  5. Dory on

    Washington has always been for Kerry.
    Strange that the online WSJ “Battleground States Poll” (Zogby) has Washington and Oregon listed as battlegrounds…but not Colorado or Arizona or Maine.

  6. Charlie T. on

    Does anyone ever remember Bush actually leading in Washington, even in the wake of the GOP convention? Practically every poll of this state has shown Kerry to be leading.
    Perhaps the TV pollsters and pundits still want to show this state as a toss-up or battleground, but Washington should very safely be in Kerry’s column on election day. Also, I saw elsewhere on the web that Bush might soon consider pulling his resources out of Michigan. I haven’t seen Bush ever lead there either and I doubt he takes that state, unless he wins a wide margin nationally (which isn’t going to happen!)


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