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Can the Democratic Party Be White Working Class, Too?

Can the Democratic Party Be White Working Class, Too?

One comment on “Can the Democratic Party Be White Working Class, Too?

  1. Candace on

    I thought we werent supposed to be backtracking about the previous election. How about not trying to make a kinder version of the Republican party? You got to go outside of their boxes if you want to get anywhere. Don’t be Republican lite, that is ultimately advertising yourself as 2nd choice and empowering them to go further.

    The Democrat Party should be the party of family values – all families.
    (I would also like to see it be antiwar, for those very same reasons–at least seeking a way out of this. There is no national conversation) their policies should be explained as how they are good for all families because that makes the most sense and has the highest priority.
    Healthcare, the safety net, environment, education and so on.
    The Republican party can try to use those words but everyone knows they are very selective in who they want to serve and how.

    On the race issue and how some who identify as white working class judge the democrat party: politicians and their political parties job description doesnt involve choosing who they serve or decide who they won’t, certainly not for judging an individual or groups religion, who they marry, what color their skin is, what language they speak, what job they have or do not.

    We don’t need a government to serve as the judge and executioner for religion, race, sex, language, nature. Democrats don’t want to be that.
    There is no shame in a politician or political party working for all Americans

    And also lets not forget being qualified for a job has never meant that you shouldn’t have the job. Who hires someone that says they’re going to destroy your business?


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