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The American Establishment’s Betrayal of Democracy

The American Establishment’s Betrayal of Democracy

The Fundamental but Generally Unacknowledged Cause of the Current Threat to America’s Democratic Institutions.

One comment on “The American Establishment’s Betrayal of Democracy

  1. Rob H on

    Great work Andrew. And quite classy that you nail the blame on the perpetrators and powerful establishment enablers of this rot in our institutions, and them alone, and not at all the tactical or strategic failures of people opposing democratic decay, or the ‘provocations’ of our culturally avant garde who seem to revel in behavior, communication and policy not conducive to mass persuasion or popularity in politics. Because even if they, the annoying, are not doing a politically successful job of defending democracy, they do not own the undermining of democracy. The deliberate perpetrators perpetrators and indifferent enablers (proportional to their unused power), own it.


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