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Dr. Drew Westen: How To Win An Election

Article in Psychology Today by Dr. Drew Westen

In 2007, as a research and clinical psychologist who had watched one Democratic presidential candidate after another go down in flames, I researched and wrote a book titled The Political Brain. It dissected how candidates might talk with voters if they started with an understanding of the way our minds actually work.

In the nearly 15 years since writing The Political Brain, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with about 100,000 voters as a political message consultant, juggling academic work with developing and testing messages for political and other organizations,

Studying voters’ responses over the last several years has allowed me to distill three basic principles central to effective political messaging, all rooted in the way our minds and brains work.

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2 comments on “Dr. Drew Westen: How To Win An Election

  1. Victor on

    This article is from before the 2020 elections. Democrats haven’t changed a bit, in fact things have become worse.


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