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How Democrats Can Drive a Wedge Into Trump’s Coalition

How Democrats Can Drive a Wedge Into Trump’s Coalition

2 comments on “How Democrats Can Drive a Wedge Into Trump’s Coalition

  1. Tricia Liu on

    Biden should immediately switch to and highlight the platform of providing quality middle class jobs and deceasing outsourcing. Middle class has been the solid voting block for Democrats, and unfortunately being neglected in the 2016 election, and pretty much until now. We fight for immigrants, LGBT and women’s rights whom by far and large are middle-class themselves! The platform has to, at least to a degree, to highlight the plight of middle classes, and provide solid policy on bringing jobs back to America. Otherwise, we lose the election like we did in 2016. “It’s the economy, xxx” – of the middle class!

  2. willt on

    Take away the Republican’s Trump card:

    “It’s the economy stupid!” – and Trump has borrowed unprecedented amounts to get re-elected. Why have I not been asked if I think that it is reasonable for Trump to have borrowed about $30,000 dollars per taxpayer ($48k+ per family) to float the economy until he gets re-elected? Why has Dems just let him have his strongest argument uncontested?

    Simply put, he is a real estate con man that has completely succeeded in his greatest con. It is child play to tie the “King of Debt” to the king size debt he has built up. Why have I, as well as all voters, not been asked who do we think he will stick with this unprecedented bill?

    In 2016, Republican’s had complete control our federal government. Did they fund the wall? No. Did they pass an anti-abortion law? No. Did they shrink the size of government? No. Did they reduce the deficit? No.

    If fact, what they did is pass a huge tax cut for the rich. So why not show how Trump has played middle America? He lies to them. Trump also has lied about who pays the China Tariffs. We pay, of course. Why am I not hearing about how we are now paying more in the tariff tax than we have received in the tax cut? Why have I not heard about how this is another of Trump’s cons.

    The underlying Republican strategy is to lie and cheat, and their lies will be effective. We are in the calm before the storm, and once they are done with muddying the water, then they will make the argument that we have to vote for them for the economy. TAKE THE TRUMP CARD AWAY!


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