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Democrats: Its time to consider targeted strategies to undermine Trump’s white working class support.

Since the 2018 elections there have been a substantial number of articles that analyze the white working class and how it may vote in 2020. But, at the same time, there have been very few articles that propose specific, targeted communications and advertising strategies whose aim is to weaken Trump’s hold on his white working class support.

The Democratic Strategist is therefore pleased to present the following TDS Strategy Memo:

2 comments on “Democrats: Its time to consider targeted strategies to undermine Trump’s white working class support.

  1. Candace on

    The ads were good enough. The rest was unnecessary.

    If Democratic strategists want to help this country (and Democrats win) they should stop pitting progressives and minorities against the White working class, or college educated against uneducated. Its doing Trump/Republicans/Russians work for them helping to keep these divisions alive in the U.S.

    If Democratic strategists don’t want these voters to be thought of as a monolithic group then they should stop talking like they are and leave race out of the conversation. They could also not tag Americans who check the White box along with all of the “persuadable” voter bullet points listed in this Memo as the description of a Trump voter. Its insulting and another way the Democratic Party is participating in softening and normalizing Trump, Republicans and White Nationalism.

  2. Victor on

    The reasons these ads won’t be shown is because the elites that dominate the party won’t identify with them. Politicians won’t understand the message and consultants won’t see a reason to explain it and create more work for themselves.

    The party elites are unwilling to identify to mobilize the working class, regardless of whether it is the white working class in Republican and moderate areas or the Black and Hispanic working class in our Blue cities and in Red States.

    Decisions over campaign strategy are too corrupted by self interested consultants who can manage to make the most money with the least effort.


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