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How Dems can talk to working class voters about immigration.

How Dems can talk to working class voters about immigration. (Click to Read.)

4 comments on “How Dems can talk to working class voters about immigration.

  1. Bob Griendling on

    While I agree that Dems should show sympathy for what is happening to the working class and the decline of industrial jobs, there is little in this memo that resembles a solution. Truth is a high school education is of limited value at this point in time.

    We should promote strong labor forces and undo much of the damage the “right to work” movement has caused. But let’s hear about how we:

    1. protect workers in the gig economy.
    2. how to help small rural towns survive.
    3. how to enhance labor protections.

    If electric cars are the future, what do you propose for auto mechanics? A century ago, the question would have been, what do you propose for buggy whip manufacturers?


    It is obvious Nancy Pelosi doesn’t live around Alexandria Virginia. I am an American citizen have paid taxes over the years I feel at this point as though I live in a foreign country anymore. More people speak Spanish than English we need legal immigration only we need to deport people who have come in illegally if not let’s open the doors to all the other countries to come in illegally. Democrats are not about what the people want the people want our country back wake up


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