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Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne, Jr. explains why “The gun lobby’s con game will come to an end..” As Dionne writes, “… Something important happened in the East Room when Obama offered a series of constrained but useful steps toward limiting the carnage on our streets, in our schools and houses of worship and movie theaters. He made clear that the era of cowering before the gun lobby and apologizing, trimming, hedging and equivocating is over…Bullies are intimidating until someone calls their bluff. By ruling out any reasonable steps toward containing the killing in our nation and by offering ever more preposterous arguments, the gun worshipers are setting themselves up for wholesale defeat. It will take time. But it will happen.”
From Pew Research Center, via Greg Sargent
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At ABC News Gary Langer has “Views on Gun Control: A Polling Summary.
Trump points the birther finger at Cruz.
WaPo’s Amber Phillips sees a Democratic leadership void emerging in the House after Speaker Pelosi, while departing Rep. Steve Israel sees a “pretty robust bench.”
At centralmaine.com Douglas Rooks explains why “Maine Democrats a poor party of opposition.” Subtitled “With a few exceptions, they talk about what Paul LePage wants to talk about, and accommodate what he wants to do.,” Rooks adds that “Democrats should stop talking about “welfare reform” and tax cuts and set their own course. Here’s a clue: The widest voter consensus on any current issues supports raising the minimum wage, and levying higher taxes on the wealthy…To again become relevant, Democrats must determine what they want to do, then tell people how they’ll restore enough of the state tax system to fund it. Bromides about “good jobs at good wages” and “investment” in a laundry list of unquantified good causes won’t do it…With a few exceptions, they talk about what Paul LePage wants to talk about, and accommodate what he wants to do.”
Bu there is also some very good news from a key swing state: Virginia Daffron reports at Mountain Express, “On Wednesday, Jan. 6, Rev. Dr. William Barber outlined a joint campaign launched by the North Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and Democracy NC to empower voters through supporting access to voting and providing education on key issues…Barber, Moral Monday leader and head of the state NAACP, said a coalition of over 3,000 faith- and membership-based communities will implement the issues-based campaign to empower, educate and protect voters.”
At Huffpo, however, Samantha Lachman’s “Voting Laws Are Still Up In The Air In These States: And fights over voting restrictions could continue until Election Day” discusses “the major court fights that could affect voters’ access to the ballot in this year’s election.”
Joel K. Goldstein post, “Five Factors That Will Define the Running Mates: Lessons from history on how the nominees will balance their tickets” probes veep selection strategy at Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

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