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Sanders Voters OK with Clinton as 2nd Choice

Politico’s Nick Gass reports on an interesting new poll which suggests substantial party unity among Democratic registered voters:

According to the results of the latest national Monmouth University poll out Wednesday, 59 percent of those backing Sanders for the nomination said they would be enthusiastic or satisfied with Clinton as their party’s standard bearer next November. Overall, 80 percent of Democratic voters would be fine with Clinton as their nominee, while 11 percent said they would be dissatisfied and 5 percent said they would be upset.

Gass adds that Clinton still has a formidable lead over Sen. Sanders, 59 percent to 26 percent, while former MD Gov. Martin O’Malley increased his share to 4 percent, with 8 percent undecided. The poll had a small sample (374 self i.d. Demi/Independents), so all conclusions drawn from it should be considered in light of the 5.1 m.o.e.
Debates between Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley have thus far been remarkably free of the insults and put-downs which have characterized the G.O.P.’s demolition derby. While supporters of all three candidates still argue passionately for their respective candidates, internecine acrimony has remained extraordinarily low-key, compared to previous Democratic primary seasons.
U.S. Democrats are still a long way from the level of solidarity recently demonstrated by the French left, which pulled some Socialist candidates out of recent regional elections in order to cross lines and defeat nativist leader Marine Le Pen and the Front National. But perhaps we can hope that the stirrings of greater Democratic solidarity have begun, even if it is based on the shared realization that the Republicans are flirting with equally-dangerous forms of nativist bigotry and repression.

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