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The GOP’s implicit alternative to the Iran deal is to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites. Most independent studies say this won’t work but GOP Neo-Cons aren’t worried because it would still build support for their real aim: putting American “boots on the ground”

It is easy to predict that the Republican attacks on the agreement negotiated with Iran will carefully avoid one major topic: the alternative the U.S. should pursue in order to force Iran to dismantle its nuclear program. If the deal is rejected, the U.S. will have to have some kind of alternative policy other than just letting Iran resume its nuclear development program at full speed.
The alternative policy, floated by various Neo-Cons this spring, is to bomb Iran’s nuclear installations.
Several weeks ago I took a look at the military arguments for this alternative. Click on the link below in case you missed the original piece.
For many Neo-Cons the real objective of bombing Iran’s nuclear sites is to build support for an invasion. For this, a failure could be more useful than success. That’s why they seem untroubled by the unrealistic assumptions on which they rest their case.

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