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“Creeping Quagmire” — the GOP Neo-Con’s alternative military strategy for Iraq

A message from Ed Kilgore:
Dear Readers:
Since the recent military setbacks in the struggle against ISIS, a growing range of conservative voices have been asserting that our current military strategy “isn’t working” and that a new strategy is needed.
Oddly, however, in the latest pronouncements of the major GOP Neo-Conservatives you just can’t find any clear statement of what this fundamentally different military strategy might be. There are a variety of specific suggestions but no overall strategy that underlies them.
This TDS Strategy Memo argues that the GOP Neo-Conservatives do indeed have an alternative military strategy in mind, but it’s not one that they are willing to publicly discuss.

Democrats, here’s something odd. The GOP Neo-Conservatives, who consider themselves the world’s great masters of military strategy, aren’t saying what their basic military strategy is regarding ISIS. Why? Maybe because it doesn’t sound very good when you say it out loud.

You can read the memo HERE.
We believe you will find this memo both useful and important.
Ed Kilgore
Managing Editor

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